From zero to home office

Problems and Challenges

Your boss thinks that working at home is just drinking coffee and lying on the couch in pyjamas? Quite the contrary! In fact, a study by the US elite university Stanford shows that employees are significantly more productive at home. So what does that mean? That you have to switch from zero to home office! Because even though half of all jobs are done on the computer, only 12% of all Germans work from their home office. We accompany you with a master plan and our checklists through the new working world and show you how to set yourself up well for the competition at home.

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What readers say about our book

Statements from the economy

The ADM Institute is leading in this market for years

Reliable and structured procedures are essential for a completely digital team. That’s why I warmly recommend the techniques and methods taught by ADM. It is important to develop and implement the path together and to accompany it through a defined procedure, and this is precisely the field in which the ADM Institute has been leading the market for many years!

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With these instructions, businesses can roll up their sleeves and get started straight away.

This book shows pragmatically and concretely how work-at-home and mobile work can not only be designed in a healthy way, but also organized in a highly effective, future-oriented and crisis-proof way. An exciting insight into the working-, communication- and leadership-culture! When it comes to the use of digital tools, ADM is clearly at the forefront.

Lina Krause-Sparmann, Ergonimist, independent Personnel and organisational developer and Employers' Liability Insurance Association consultant for the design of sound conditions for the future

A great mix of focus on humans and enthusiasm for technology

Always at the cutting edge of development, ADM uses processes and technology in such a way that it can react quickly and very agile to the most diverse developments. The resulting knowledge about efficient working from home (home office) or on the road (remote work) is now shared with others for the first time in this book.

The perfect companion for the current issues in the home office!

I have experienced Ulrike and Andreas Dolle as absolute pioneers of the digital transformation of education and communication. They are well informed about all the technical possibilities, they try things out themselves and know from their own experience exactly what actually works. Their valuable input from this book has brought me personally up to date.

Andreas Lühmann, Consultant for employment market programmes and grants in East-Westphalians Lippe

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Common problems of working from home

Practice makes perfect! Even in the home office there are occasional difficulties…

Reduced focus

Distractions in the household interfere with concentrating on tasks.

Lack of experience

New situations and lack of practical experience regarding remote work cause uncertainties at the workplace.

Lack of technical preparation

If the technical conditions are not the same as at office, one might stumble over trivia.



1. The setup

Preparation is what counts – especially in your home office! We demonstrate how to set up your new workplace optimally as well as how to suelect and connect your IT Infrastructure and helpful tools from the cloud.

2. The planning

After the first days of working at home you should establish daily routines. Our expert tips will help you with your morning and evening routine at work and provide lasting support.

3. The balance

Efficiency goes hand in hand with balance. You will learn how to set goals but also limits and how to effectively maintain your work-life balance.

4. Communication

Far and yet so close – experience your communication talent! We will tell you our valuable tips and techniques for planning and conducting online meetings with your team.

5. Continuing education

Become better and better together! Learn how to manage to succeed in constantly improving yourself and become more and more productive as a team.

Get in there and start working!

Crisis-proof, flexible and future-oriented work. How to become productive at home.

About the authors

Andreas Dolle and Ulrike Dolle are experts regarding to change management an corporate success, as well as for relevant future topics. As executive partners they lead the education and consulting company ADM, as well as “commumo, the digital vision company”. Since 2014 they are completely digitalized with their companies and live mobility, agility and innovation in the digital field with their team and all partners.

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